HNWI Investment and Behaviors

Asia-Pacific (excl. Japan) HNWIs registered slightly higher satisfaction in Q1 2018 versus the previous year. However, overall satisfaction did not exceed a passing grade of 70%. Satisfaction was lackluster amid an otherwise positive 2017 Asia-Pacific wealth management backdrop and high (31.5%) return on investments for Asia-Pacific (excl. Japan) HNWIs.


A variety of factors spurred HNWI discontent, and four stood out: A complex fee structure, an unmet desire for holistic services, the need for personalization, and a low level of personal connection with wealth managers.


Aside from high returns and the provision of sophisticated services, wealth firm success depends on maintaining healthy and committed personal connections with clients. To improve personal connections, wealth managers need to engage clients more actively through innovative solutions and hybrid tools.


Asia-Pacific (excl. Japan) wealth management firms have the potential to increase AUM because 85.6% of the HNWIs in the region say they are willing to consolidate assets with their primary wealth manager. A full 95.7% of Asia-Pacific (excl. Japan) HNWIs with a strong connection to their wealth managers said they are likely to consolidate wealth with them.


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